Following are the steps to set up  the Django project:

1.Create virtual environment for  the particular project and install django.

a. Install virtual environment: sudo apt-get install python virtualenv.

b. Create projects folder.

c. Create folder for project1.

d. virtualenv project1env –> command to create virtual environment for particular project1

e. source poject1env/bin/activate –> command to activate virtual environment for particular project1

f. pip install django –>command install django

2. Initialize the django project using command django-admin startproject <project name>.

a. django-admin startproject<projectname> –>command to start django project.

3. Working with  the django application: python startapp <appname>.

4. Folder structure for templates is <appname>/templates/<appname>/filename.html.

5. python runserver –>command to run the django project