Refer to the below documentation for Social Media login configurations using Auth0:

If we want to configure Social Media login using Auth0 from our front-end app we need to follow couple of steps, viz.,

1. Create an Application using the below link:

2. Create an API using the below link:

Finally, include the following setting in your environment.ts file..,

auth0_audience: ‘’,

auth0_clientID: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,

auth0_domain: ‘’,

auth0_redirectUri: ‘http://localhost:3000/login/callback’,

auth0_namespace: ‘’

linkedIn_authorization_domain: ‘’,

linkedIn_clientID: ‘linkedin-client-id’,

linkedIn_clientSecret: ‘linkedin-client-secret’,

linkedIn_redirectUri: ‘http://localhost:3000/login/callback’,

linkedIn_accessToken_domain: ‘’


Now your Good to Go !!!!!!